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The Department of Pharmacy Mission is to provide exceptional pharmaceutical care to patients in a safe and efficient manner. 

The staff is committed to optimizing medication-related patient outcomes and medication safety. Services are provided by pharmacist and pharmacy technicians using state of the art information technology systems. Patient medication management and safety are enhanced with the implementation of an electronic medical record and bar-code scanning technology.

Medication preparation and distribution are also technology based with profiled automated dispensing cabinets, Savvy™ Mobile Medication workstations, and Anywhere RN™ software to seamlessly manage patient medication distributions and secure transportation of medications.

Jackson General Hospital

Jackie Denemark,Pharm D
Director of Pharmacy

Jackson General Hospital

Chad Foreman, R. Ph.


The many contributions made by our pharmacist and pharmacy technicians in providing patient medication services include:

  • Procurement, distribution, and control of drug products used in the hospital
  • Drug order review
  • Monitoring drug therapy to ensure optimal patient care while minimizing drug reactions
  • Preparing sterile intravenous admixture compounds consistent with USP 797 practice guidelines
  • Drug information support for care providers
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating therapeutic regimens to produce best possible patient outcomes
  • Aminoglycosides and vancomycin pharmacokinetic dosing
  • Pharmacist consults for other healthcare providers regarding medication-therapy selection and management
  • Employee outpatient prescription dispensing
  • Patient drug renal dosing

Hospital Medication Formulary

Jackson General Hospital physicians and pharmacist serve on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee which functions to optimize patient medication management in a safe and cost-effective manner. The committee evaluates safety, effectiveness, cost, and minimization of duplicate medications in the same drug class. The hospital formulary is regularly reviewed as new drugs are developed and more clinical knowledge is published in the medical literature.